Our Work

Socius provides a dynamic range of additional services all designed to help get the most out of your community.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Smart Structure, design, flow, layout, and analysis of surveys for different segments of your community members or internal stakeholders.

Whether with your team, your community members, your alumni, or your clients, there is an art to teasing out and consolidating what people think and how they feel. Socius brings guiding principles and deep case-by-case attention to each survey built, crafting creative solutions to reaching more people, more usefully.

Bulk Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Orchestrating highly effective bulk email campaigns and newsletters.

Socius sees excellent communications as the foundation for community building. Our Team has executed hundreds of email campaigns, reaching over 100 000 people around the world, and consistently achieving open rates above 40%, almost double the industry average of 23%. From mobile optimisation, to continuous content refining, to subject line creativity, we are excited about every mailer we send.

Analytics Reporting

Converting data into eye-catching visual presentations for management and board reports.

The product of a disciplined, ongoing process of measurement and evaluation: Your Data. Unfortunately, information is only as useful as the degree to which it is understood by decision makers. Team Socius understands the irreplaceable value of well-presented data, making it our habit to ensure that presentations and reports are not only maximally useful, but will also turn a few heads.

Design & Publications

Custom graphic design and magazine publications, both print and digital.

There are few resources that serve as such valuable engagement touchpoints and marketing assets as a magazine which brings a community’s activity to life. Whether in a school environment or a global entrepreneurial ecosystem, we tell stories through an uncompromising standard for content curation and beautiful design. Enjoy a browse through Angel Investor 2018 or Alumni Relations Magazine, some of our favourite Socius publications.